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National Head Lice Prevention Month


Company: National Pediculosis Assn
Telephone: (617) 905- 0176
Web site:

The non-profit National Pediculosis Association (NPA) has been the annual sponsor of National Head Lice Prevention Month since 1985. NPA initiated "Comb First" to help communities  safely manage head lice by teaching parents how to screen regularly, detect infestations early, remove all the lice and nits (lice eggs) with an effective combing tool, and most importantly protect children. Head lice affects children and adults regardless of cleanliness level. Lice are frequently spread in close quarters, such as through coats touching in school closets or the sharing of hats or brushes.

Head lice is problematic anywhere there are close quarters. Utilizing Metro's Editorial content, communities can spread the word about how common head lice can be. Search the keyword "lice" in both the editorial and creative libraries for feature material and accompanying images.

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