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National Pepperoni Pizza Day

September 20th, 2023

Pizza is a food staple that is enjoyed all across the world, and especially adored in North America. Pizza originated in Italy in the poorer regions of Naples, where flatbreads covered in toppings were inexpensive and portable. When Queen Margherita visited Naples and sought out indigenous foods, reportedly tired of haute French cuisine, she fell in love with pizza mozzarella. In her honor, the pizza, which also featured basil and tomato was then dubbed Pizza Margherita. Pizza became popular in Italy thanks to the queen, but it was slow to make its way to the Americas. However, with the influx of Italian immigrants, areas of New York, Boston, New Jersey, and Chicago became known meccas for various style pizzas — including the original Neopolitan style.

Any toppings can be served on pizza, but pepperoni is perhaps the most beloved. On National Pepperoni Pizza Day, pizza lovers near and far can enjoy a savory slice from their favorite pizza establishment.


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