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National Pizza Month


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October is National Pizza Month. People don't really need a special month for pizza in a country where there are an estimated 63,000 pizzerias and 94% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month. However, during National Pizza Month, it is okay to have just a few more slices of this favorite food.

Today, National Pizza Month is observed each October across the USA and Canada. People dine upon pizza for lunch or dinner regularly, and a cold slice out of the refrigerator constitutes breakfast to some as well. Pizza originated in Italy, particularly among the poorer residents of Naples, finding it was a quick and inexpensive meal. American soldiers who fought in Italy during World War II brought a hunger for pizza home with them and pushed its popularity over the top in North America. Now most days find pizza-lovers munching on their favorite varieties and loading up their slices with all types of toppings.

Pizza eateries are on just about every corner, and most towns boast one or more pizza shops. Give credit to one of the most popular foods around by showcasing National Pizza Month through recipe sharing, coupons for pizza discounts and much more.

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