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By Metro - January 7, 2021 - edited: March 22, 2021

The Holiday Songbook turned out to be a perfect fit for our market and community. We had previously attempted a local, retail-focused shopping section that fell flat in late November. As it turned out, our community was still very much on edge about encouraging foot-traffic during the peak of the pandemic. Businesses still wanted to reach their customers over the holidays, but merchandising was not to be their message. As we scratched our heads and contemplated our oversight, we noticed Metro’s Holiday Songbook online. We thought a renewed focus on goodwill, cheer & song might be just what the community needed in these challenging times. Turns out, we were right! Businesses were thrilled with the opportunity and our readership was delighted when they saw the final product. We received several phone calls from subscribers thanking us for putting this together. Metro had already done the heavy lifting. All we had to do was present the idea and build the ads. Very simple, easy to sell and easy to execute in quick fashion. This was not an operational game-changer in terms of total revenue, but it did help us satisfy a clear need in the market and significantly help our top line for December. We always try to serve our businesses and readership as best we can. Sometimes we miss the mark. We acknowledged that early and made a quick decision to change course. Because of the convenience of MCG’s templated sections, we were able to do so without really skipping a beat!

To viiew the Holiday Songbook online, visit:

Scotty Maxwell
Regional Advertising Director
Wesner Publications



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